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Pacific Ocean and Middle Ridge Back Yard Inside

Photo Gallery

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Home Interior

DSCF2241 STH70001 Kitchen2
STH72010 MoonlightLR-NW SWbedroom2

Home Exterior

DSCF1090 DSCF1201 STH73202
DSCF1323_2 STH71149 DSCF1334

The Property

1STH73233 2STH71943_2 3DSCF1208_1
4STH73144_2 5DSCF0118 6DSCF1204

Mendocino Coast Area

1DSCF1102 2DSCF1837 3DSCF1872
4DSCF1103 5DSCF1108 6STH71019

The Garden

1DSCF2379 2STH71640 3STH71736
4DSCF0102 5DSCF1920 6STH71341

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